Cast Iron Electrodes

( E Ni-Cl )

Because of lower strength than the ENiFe-CI and lower ductility of the weld metal, these electrodes should be used only in applications where maximum machinability of highly diluted filler metal is necessary., The ENi-CI classification may also be used on malleable or ductile iro...

( E Ni-Cl )

Ni cored stick electrode., Welding in short passes and gently striking the bead of each pass with a hammer when a bead is hot., Weld metal recovery approx. % 110.

( E NiFe-Cl )

This electrode may be used for making repair welds on, as well as for joining, work pieces of various types of cast iron, including nodular iron, and for welding them to steel and some nonferrous base metals., Castings containing phosphorus levels higher than normal (approximatel...

( ~E NiCu B )

These electrodes have been used in many of the same applications as the ENiFe-CI, ENiFe-CI-A, and ENiFeMn-CI electrodes., They are used to produce a low depth of fusion weld, since high dilution by the base metal may cause weld cracking., Welding by short passes and gently striki...

( --- )

Consumables of this alloy type are used as covered electrodes and as tubular cored electrodes., The core rod and the tube respectively consist of unalloyed steel., The covering and the core respectively contain carbide-producing elements., By welding of cast iron, the microstruct...