( E CoCr A/E 20-UM-45CTZ )

Valve shutters and caps, wood working tools, saw chains and slide ways, hot shear blades, pump components, hot pressing tools, valve seats, ingot tong ends, conveyor screws, for chemical and food processing industries, GeKaTec COBALT 6 is a versatİle cobalt containing alloy with...

( E CoCr B/E20-UM-50 CTZ )

Used in hot and cold cutting blades, pump shafts working in hot environment, packing sleeves, shaft bushings, connecting flanges, plastic extrusion presses, valve seats, turbulence and combustion chambers, equipment holding hot steels, temperature and wear., Resistant to all kind...

( E 20-UM-300-CKTL )

It is used for hardfacing of materials subject to impact, pressure, abrasion, corrosion and high temperature or combination of these, Die molds, extruder screws, hot cutting and working boil steels, shafts, pumps, valves and seats, Depending on the friction and impact, the hardn...

( E 3-UM-50 GTZ )

lnclude spining rotors, for glass-wool production, draw plates, stamping trimming dies, klin parts, pump shafls, chucks etc, Manuel electrode for anti-wear protective coatings on tool-steel parts working under very hot or cold conditions, Electrode with Co, Cr, Mo alloys gives ex...

( ~E 23-UM-250 CKPZ )

Dies, mandrels, raci for hot extrusion of profiles, continious casting guide tables, feed rolls, blades for hot shearing, furnace components, rolling vil inlet guides, Electrode highly alloyed with chromium, Cobalt, Nickel, Molybdenum and Tungsten, It is used for anti-wear protec...

( E 5-UM-400 )

Rulile type electrode with high recovery, Welding for stainless of similar chemical compositions or cast steels having Cr of ~12%, Used of suriacing of carbon steels to resist corrosion, erosion and abrasion, Used in Chemical lndustry, Steel lndustry and also at continuos castin...

( E 3-UM-40 PT )

Resistant to heat as well as to abraison, due to its technical features also resistant to high temperature and pressure, This especially used for the worn out parts of tool steels of surfacing jobs, Main application fields are hardfacing of hot cutting blades, hammers, grinders,...

( E 3-UM-60 ST )

A special kind of rutile-coated electrode for hardlacing of hot- and cold-work tool steels., Suitability for uses in hardfacing of hot or cold-work steels, edges of cutting dies, blades of hot-shearing machines, punching tools, rolls and impact punchs, machinery tools for die-cas...

( E Fe 5-A/E4-UM-60 S )

The weld deposit is the similar to the high speed steel so it is used for reconditioning the surface and cutting edges of hot working tool steels and tools made from unalloyed steels., Main applications are the tools exposed to heat, adhesion and impact wears, It is recommended t...

( E 5-UM-400 )

For hot work tool steels with high welding efficiency, Especiality used in repair welding of molds and hot work tool steels, No cracking in the weld metal after welding, Re-drying: 300°C / 2h

( E Cu )

Electrode made of pure copper, Uses in joint-welding and surfacing operations on pure copper or on copper alloys, Applicability in joint- welding of boilers, heat exchangers, or, of copper tubes, copper busbars used in electrotechnics, copper busbars as well as in copper surfacin...

( E CuSn-C )

Tin bronze electrode for coating and repairing parts made of copper, bronze, brass and for joining of these to steels, cast iron, nickel, nickel alloys, Good resistance to corrosion, particullaıy attact by acetone and dry ammoniac, industrial atmospheres and salty air, seawater a...

( E CuAl-A2(E CuAl8) )

It is used for safely repairs all grades of aluminum bronzes and overlays on cast irons, steels and copper which are subject to corrosion, cavitation, erosion and metal to metal wears, Joining and surfacing parts subject to service in marine environments and seawater

( E 4043 )

Include also engine blocks, gear cases, engine gear box unit, miscellaneous components in light alloys, stroge tanks, containers, vessels, repair works on various kind of aluminium materials, Manuel welding electrode recommended for production and maintenance applications includi...

( E 4047 )

Low-heat-inputmanual electrode for joining cast aluminium alloys, plus repair and maintenance of sheet aluminium and aluminium casting, including rebuilding, filling cracks, breaks, shrink holes and missing bits, Excellent welding properties, good arc striking, clean flat flow, d...

( E 1100 )

lnclude pipes, vessels, hoppers, vats, containers heat exchangers, air conditioning, decorative panels, slideways where electrolytic treatment or anodisation is foreseen, Excellent welding properties, excellent resistance to salt-water and industrial corrosion, good arc striking,...

308 L Si MIG
( ER308LSi )

• Cr-Ni alaşımlı östenitik paslanmaz grubundaki çeliklerin, 304 ya da stabilize edilmiş 347 ve benzer kalite çeliklerin kullanıldığı ilaç, selüloz, kağıt ve gıda endüstrisinde kullanılır, • Kaynak metali -196 °C’a kadar sünektir, +400° C’a kadar da taneler arası korozyona dayanık...

( ER - Ni 1 )

Use in various applicalions of joint-welding of the materials Nikel 200/201 or stainless steels. Suitability for use in welding of carbon steels or of high-alloyed nickel or nickel-copper alloys, Required use of Ar (I1) as shielding gas in TIG welding

NiCu 30 SG
( ER NiCu 7 )

625 SG
( ER NiCrMo 3 )

Applicability in joint welding of steels with high Mo-contents to steels with Ni-based alloy steels, joint welding of different types of steels, and in welding of low-alloyed problematic steels, Suitablity for use in manufacture processes of pressure vessels with service temperat...