Tool Steel Electrode

( E 3-UM-60 ST )

A special kind of rutile-coated electrode for hardlacing of hot- and cold-work tool steels., Suitability for uses in hardfacing of hot or cold-work steels, edges of cutting dies, blades of hot-shearing machines, punching tools, rolls and impact punchs, machinery tools for die-cas...

( E Fe 5-A/E4-UM-60 S )

The weld deposit is the similar to the high speed steel so it is used for reconditioning the surface and cutting edges of hot working tool steels and tools made from unalloyed steels., Main applications are the tools exposed to heat, adhesion and impact wears, It is recommended t...

( E 5-UM-400 )

For hot work tool steels with high welding efficiency, Especiality used in repair welding of molds and hot work tool steels, No cracking in the weld metal after welding, Re-drying: 300°C / 2h

( E CuSn-C )

Tin bronze electrode for coating and repairing parts made of copper, bronze, brass and for joining of these to steels, cast iron, nickel, nickel alloys, Good resistance to corrosion, particullaıy attact by acetone and dry ammoniac, industrial atmospheres and salty air, seawater a...

( E CuAl-A2(E CuAl8) )

It is used for safely repairs all grades of aluminum bronzes and overlays on cast irons, steels and copper which are subject to corrosion, cavitation, erosion and metal to metal wears, Joining and surfacing parts subject to service in marine environments and seawater