ELOX B 318
( E 318-15 )

Stabilized alloyed-core wire austenitic electrode with basic coating. lntended for use in all industries where analogous steels, including ferritic 13% chromium steels are welded., The weld metal does not require preheating or postweld heat treatement., Resistant to intergranular...

ELOX B 327

Used for the fabrication of furnace, boilers, etc. That made of heat resistant steels (CrNi and CrNiAI alloyed steels), Far furnace requiring elevated resistance to reducing and oxidizing sulphurous gases as well as for final passes of weld joints in heat-resistant CrSiAl-s...

ELOX R 347
( E 347-16 )

Used for the welding of tanks and pipes in which milk and beer is kept, Also used for the welding of acid, gas, steam and water armatures, Resistant to acid and corrosion, stabilized by Nb. Weld metal can resist to temperatures up to +400°C, Re-drying: 120-200ºC / 2 h.

ELOX B 347
( E 347-15 )

Stabilized alloyed-core wire austenitic electrode with basic coating for use in all industries where similar steel types as well as ferritic 19% chromium steels are welded, High ductility of the weld metal, therefore preferable for welding heavy sections, Very good out-of-posit...

ELOX R 385
( E 385-16 )

Resistant to intercrystalline corrosion / wet corrosion up to 350°C, High corrosion resistance similar to that of matching steels / cast steel grades, above all in reducing environments, For joining and surfacing work on matching austenitic CrNiMoCu steels / cast steel grades.,...

ELOX B 385
( E 385-15 )

Basic coated alloyed-core wire special electrode for corrosion - resistant high-Molybdenum CrNi steels, Recomended for highly corrosive environments, Apart from it's markedly good chemical resistance to stress corrosion cracking and crevice corrosion, the weld metal features h...

ELOX B 410
( E 410-15 )

13% Cr used in the joining and surfacing welding of martensitic and martensitic-ferritic steels with 13% Cr and steel casts.( This electrode is also strong at filling in the surfaces of gas, water and steam armatures), Re-drying :300°C - 350°C / min. 2h, This 12 Cr alloy is...

ELOX B 410 Ni Mo
( E 410NiMo-15 )

Electrode with basic coating on alloyed core-wire, Applicability in welding Cr-Ni -alloyed austenitic high-temperature steels, Usability in welding at all positions except for vertical downward position, Applicability in joint-welding and surfacing of heat-resisting similar-type...

ELOX BS 410 Ni Mo
( E 410NiMo-25 )

Basic coated electrode for welding similar corrosion-resistant, martensitic and martensitic-ferritic rolled, forged and cast steels, Used in the construction of hydroturbines, compressors and steam power plants, Resistant to corrosion caused by water, steam and sea water a...

ELOX B 430
( E 430-15 )

Mainly used for corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant surfacing applications, Preferably for surfacing on sealing faces of gas, water and steam valves, Scaling resistance up to 900°C and weld metal hardness up to 500°C., Preheating and interpass temperatures 200°C-300°C, PWHT 760-7...

ELOX B 430 Mo
( --- )

Basic coated alloyed core wire electrode with good weldability in all positions except vertical-down, Mainly used for surfacing on sealing faces of gaas, water and steam valves to meet stainless and wear resistant ovelays for instance., Preferably employed for sealing faces of...

ELOX R 2209
( E 2209-17 )

Suitability to joint same alloyed, similar alloyed, ferritic-austenitic steels with higher tensile strength., Excellent weldability, Very high resistance to stress corrosion cracking and pitting resistance., Re-drying : 250-300°C / min. 2h, Preheating and interpass temperature m...

ELOX B 2209
( E 2209-15 )

Suitability to joint same alloyed, similar alloyed, ferritic-austenitic steels with higher tensile strength., Basic coated electrode designed for ferritic-austenitic duplex steels, Excellent weldability, Re-drying : 250-300°C / min. 2h, Weld metal deposited by E2209 electrodes co...

ELOX B 2594
( E 2594-15 )

The sum of the Cr + 3.3 (Mo + 0.5 W) + 16 N, known as the Pitting Resistance Equivalent Number (PREN), is at least 40, thereby allowing the weld metal to be called a “super-duplex stainless steel.” This number is a semi-quantitative indicator of resistance to pitting in aqueous c...

ELOX B 16-8-2
( E 16-8-2-15 )

These electrodes are used primarily for welding stainless steel, such as Types 16-8-2, 316, and 347, for high-pressure, high-temperature piping systems., The weld deposit usually has a Ferrite Number no higher than 5 FN., The deposit also has good, hot ductility properties which...

( E Ni-Cl )

Because of lower strength than the ENiFe-CI and lower ductility of the weld metal, these electrodes should be used only in applications where maximum machinability of highly diluted filler metal is necessary., The ENi-CI classification may also be used on malleable or ductile iro...

( E Ni-Cl )

Ni cored stick electrode., Welding in short passes and gently striking the bead of each pass with a hammer when a bead is hot., Weld metal recovery approx. % 110.

( E NiFe-Cl )

This electrode may be used for making repair welds on, as well as for joining, work pieces of various types of cast iron, including nodular iron, and for welding them to steel and some nonferrous base metals., Castings containing phosphorus levels higher than normal (approximatel...

( ~E NiCu B )

These electrodes have been used in many of the same applications as the ENiFe-CI, ENiFe-CI-A, and ENiFeMn-CI electrodes., They are used to produce a low depth of fusion weld, since high dilution by the base metal may cause weld cracking., Welding by short passes and gently striki...